Customer Testimonials

Here's what our customers have to say about Country Auto Clinic
Fast and efficient - I took my Kia to get my Serpentine belts replaced and wasn't expecting to get it back til sometime in the afternoon, but got it back before noon! They are always fast and I have never had any problems with their service.
- Angel B. in Bismarck, ND | 3/07/2017
James said whatever they do, they get it done right away. 
- James H. in Regan, ND | 3/21/2017
Wayde said this business took him in quickly. They got his vehicle done quickly and they did a great job. They even gave him a ride to work. He would recommend them for service.
- Wayde S. in Mandan, ND | 3/7/2017
Steve said this business got him in right away, they finished the job in half a day and they did really well.
- Steve W. in Bismarck, ND | 3/13/2017
Good bunch of guys to work with. They always get my truck or car in and check it out.
- Joe S. in Bismarck, ND | 2/22/2017
Thanks Country Auto Clinic for helping me fix my seat. I really appreciate it. I really appreciate Country Auto Clinic for helping me fix my seat.
- Aaron E. in Bismarck, ND | 2/22/2017
Tony said the business did what he expected them to do and they finished in a timely fashion.
- Tony C. in Bismarck, ND | 02/13/2017
Craig said this business was helpful.
- Craig N. in Bismarck, ND | 2/8/2017
Scott said the business was quick and they did well.
- Scott S. in Bismarck, ND | 2/07/17
Kim said the business provided good service.
- Kim C. in Williston, ND | 2/3/2017
Dion said they did what he asked them to. They called before doing the work and came in under the price he expected.
- Dion F. in Mandan, ND | 02/02/2017
Matt said his vehicle was repaired the same day, the service at this business was quick and easy.
- Matt M. in Glen Ullin, ND | 02/01/2017
Friendly and prompt service. My vehicle was in the shop within an hour of the call. They did the repairs and the vehicle was ready when I finished my workday.
- Bob L. in Mandan, ND | 02/01/2017
Jack said he hasn't been using his vehicle that much but so far, it's running well. He stated this facility had the opportunity to install a new transmission. However, they did a little troubleshooting and found it was not needed. He added, he appreciates their diligence and honesty. He would recommend them for service.
- Jack S. in Denver, CO | 01/31/2017
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